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we like to dream

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a long dream [26 May 2004|11:29am]
crowded underwater situation in final fantasy ten. sin was floating above (harmless) and if you attacked parts of it, very powerful items would fall out of it onto the white powdery sand. but other people would steal them if you weren't careful. eventually gave up and started walking up a long stairway up a green hillside.

when i arrived in town, everything was messed up. everything was very victorian, and bustling with people. a young chubby princess had opposing views to me, the older, lanky, athletic sister. about whether taking aspirin as a preventative was actually good for you. all the objects were alive: not mobile, but able to talk, and very forceful and opinionated. i had become very submissive and weak. all the objects in my house were excessively rude, too.

i went to a store to buy a new mirror, since the one we had in the bathroom constantly insulted me. i could only afford a small, oval-shaped one, in a white frame. when i approached a saleswoman to pay, she told me this location was too busy, and i should go to the 16th avenue location instead. that was awfully far away, and i admitted i didn't understand. she showed me change-room-like red-curtained enclosures that would transport you to the other location.

once there, i immediately ran into a very unpleasant skinny old man who i'd hoped to never see again. he struck up a conversation but i did not hesitate to show my distaste for him. a large painting i did several years ago was hidden off in a corner of the store, the canvas peeling off of a rusty steel-plate support. like the side of a ship. the canvas was useless now, and i ripped it off, exposing the metal. it was actually three panels, with ragged edges an inch or so apart from each other. i asked the object what it had been, before, who had owned it. there was no reply.

i walked back home along curving paths, half-dead victorian gardens on either side. small rats with bird wings began to fly at me occasionally, hitting my neck (vulnerable) and my mouth - i bit into it, disgusted but needing to cause it damage. i fell sideways into the flower bed, losing consciousness, with the thing still clutched between my teeth. trying to keep my tongue away from it.
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[13 Apr 2004|06:21am]

I dreamt about getting old. Ew.

Then I dreamt about these two blond girls getting kidnapped. I was like, "Pssh, this is such a terrible movie," since they were just driving around with the kidnappers who couldn't get the nerve to shoot them and they kept singing Don't Worry Be Happy.

BUT BUT BUT!! They go into this garage and put the girls in this white van and then call this guy in to change the tires. And there's this ugly, ugly, ugly blobby thing... sort of like that thing from Bill and Ted... and then the guy they called in was like, under some sort of spell, and he's like, "That's my girlfriend. La la la." and then he goes over to it and it gets him and the wall opens up and there's like all these special effects and the guy's like, "Come on! We're getting close!" and he jumps through the portal and the tire guy is screaming. And then this lady goes, "Wasn't that a tad on the dramatic side?" It was so cool! Even though it didn't make any sense...
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[05 Apr 2004|01:02am]

with an anonymous companion i journeyed through a vast, tarped bog. we crawled and rolled to get to where we wanted, and my knees and fingernails got stuck with gravel and mud. at our destination's edge a junkyard sloped down to the water, and we snuck around a maze of manufactured skeletons. by a car tire i found the directions to the nearest vet for my cat. the vet's house was a modern one-storey, and evacuated, apparently. the closets were empty and each room we found near bare. we last reached the living room, and knocked on the door. a sickly vet answered.
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north sea + david bowie = can't get my shoes on. [01 Apr 2004|08:16am]
i was camping on a tiny island in the north sea with a friend of mine. we were getting ready to leave, but a lot of things started to go wrong. a bird with a large orange beak stole my water bottle. then a flotilla of 13-year-old boys came by. they stole our radio to land, and then when we thought it couldn't get any worse, they stole our BOAT! i was getting ready to swim after them when who shows up from the other side of the island but DAVID BOWIE and his entire family. they will boat us back to the mainland, and even have a laptop so we can send pictures of the boat-stealing kids to the cops. i'm trying to break camp quick so as to not inconvenience the bowie family, but i have to relace my shoes, which are suddenly very complicated and have seat belt buckes on em, for chrissakes.
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[30 Mar 2004|08:06pm]

I had a dream that my mom came over and did the dishes. My mom doesn't do dishes, though, so she really just put the dishes from the sink away. When I went to get a glass, they were all dirty. One had soda in it.
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[27 Feb 2004|04:17am]
the world was going crazy. i was in a huge crowded field by a lake. everything was chaos, people running around, panicking, murdering, dying. there was a snow-white like evil queen somewhere above us, maybe controlling it, but not really. airplanes crashed into toronto, off in the distance. my friend scooped white brains and black olives out of someone's cracked-open skull with a spoon, eating it.

a nice warm summer day.
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[19 Feb 2004|08:49am]
i was walking home from the train when i had to stop because of a pain in my stomach. i was bleeding and clear liquid was leaking also, from a wound above my belly buttonn. i assumed i must have been shot. i called 911 and they told me to come on into emergency. i had to leave most of my stuff there on the road, but i brought my sketchbook and my digital camera with me.

at the hospital they told me that i had a condition affecting my bladder, and that it would deform and scar my face. i was none too happy about that, but so weak and in pain that i couldn't really do much. the doctor informed me that i shouldn't be worried about my digestive system, and that the clear liquid leaking from my wound (now a 2-inch slice of my stomach was entirely disconnected from my body) was fat. they did some x-ray type tests that involved me standing (muscles clenched to remain still for a whole six seconds) naked on what looked like the deck of a swimming pool.

the next day or so, still in the hospital, i was wandering around and found a large room where two sisters were making art. it was a huge statue of a dragon i think, made out of small colourful candies in a milky, sticky glaze.
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the days never end... [08 Feb 2004|06:10pm]
[ mood | calm ]

My dreams do not feel lik dreams...they are real. I spend the days working. In my dreams, I'm still at work with the same old situations. I'll find myself at my desk and talking to my coworkers with no special actions or incidents that make the moment stick out. I dont realize that I'm dreaming till I suddenly jerk awake and realize it was not real because how could I ever make it to my bed from my desk without realizing it. For days these "everyday" dreams have followed me to my pillow. The days and dreams blur....so whos to really say that this is not the Dream??

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[28 Jan 2004|03:56am]

I had a dream I was hoarding a box of colored pencils from my sister.
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jesus wears the gray helmet. [03 Dec 2003|03:18pm]

i dreamed i was jesus last night.
i was in a drag race, and everyone kept insisting that jesus wears the gray helmet. i looked and looked and couldn't find it, and i kept trying to get a man's attention to ask for the gray helmet but he ignored me and the race started. i was afraid i would wreck and be hurt without my helmet so i went slowly the first time. a second race was to begin and i left my car, then returned to find a gray object that apparently was the helmet on the back of my car, i put it on and we raced again. everyone kept repeating the phrase 'jesus wears the gray helmet' and calling attention to the fact that i was jesus.
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[28 Nov 2003|11:54am]

Alright, I had a dream last night, I'm not sure if it was influenced by anything recently, but I can say it was sort of Kill Bill flavoured. I'll get to that now I guess, since my intro is done and right now I'm just taking up space.

So this dream I had, right? There were a bunch of people, and as usual I don't know any of them, so we'll just call them "random soon-to-be-dead people", but I might be getting ahead of myself there. It's almost like a gameshow, because to one side there's a guy with a microphone, and I guess I'm the guy with the camera and sword, mostly the sword though, camera's don't make good weapons.

So anyway, moving along, I swing the sword at someone's head, goes right through them, so I backtrack and do it again, goes right through "like buttah" I said. And you know how in the cartoons, how when they get sliced up the sections sort of slide apart and fall to the ground? That happened, it was funny until someone said "OH MY GOD, WE'RE NOT DREAMING!" and that's when I sort of went on a killing spree. There were people everywhere, every single room I went in to was just lined with people, so thick that in some rooms I'd just run in with my sword at my side, and slice everyone in half just be running around. So we do that, I've got my ginzu action going, a few more people get sliced up like in the cartoons, when someone screams, I kid you not, "Save me from the disembodied doll heads!". At this point, I cease being a spree killer, and suddenly become the "saviour" of this one woman who is stuck in a room I had already been in, judging by the bodies laying around. And low and behold, on either side of her are two giant doll heads, and as the saviour, what do I do?

No, I don't slice them up, I drop kick them, straight out of the world wrestling federation. One on the left, I run, dropkick, head explodes. On the right, same deal, head explodes, and the girl is saved! At this point, I realize that I'm a maniacal spree killer though, or atleast killing in the name of television which I figure is a noble cause anyway, so I draw a tic-tac-toe box into her with my weapon of choice. At this point I go back to the room we started out in, I should mention that they were all rooms at random, I can't tell you where it was exactly, and I talk to the guy with the microphone and he's like "HOORAY! You won a sword!"

And I was like "neat!" .. but I already had a sword, so I don't get it.
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[08 Nov 2003|12:47pm]

not last night but the night before i dreamt that the apocolypse was comming. everyone new the world was going to end that night, at midnight when everything was dark and scary. i wanted to be with my family and my boyfriend in the remaining hours. as the end approached i remember contemplating the idea of not existing (again it's too much for me to handle even in my sleep) but all of the sudden it was light and the next day, and nothing had ended. everyone was still scared though that we were all living on borrowed time, and the world could end at any moment. when i woke up, i was happy to see it was light outside, and i did, indeed, still exist.
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[01 Nov 2003|11:17am]

[ mood | amused ]

The other night I had a dream that Eddie Murphy had hired me to be his personal assistant. Snoop Dogg was his old assistant who was retiring and training me. He called me the coolest White girl his shizzle had ever come across... :D

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Elevators [28 Oct 2003|03:14pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Okay usually I don't remember dreams but this one has stuck with me all day long and it is starting to creep me out.

I was at work, waiting for the elevator (mind you we don't have elevators at my work) the doors open and people start going in. For some reason or another I don't actually get into the elevator. A few moments later you hear a crash. Apparently one of the cables snapped and the elevator went crashing down. It was then erie and quiet. Then I ended up with my parents somehow and we were walking by my work. My dad for some reason wanted to go in because I mentioned the elevator crash. It seems no one had helped those poor people and it was a sight to see. I couldn't go in and see though. I was too afraid to see.

This creeps me out. I woke up and have been trying to shake it all day long. I can't even begin to think of what this could actually mean.

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[17 Oct 2003|05:22pm]

Smallville Fixations... RUN AWAY!Collapse )
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A dream barely worthy of mindmovies.... [22 Sep 2003|12:21pm]

Lots of times in my dreamscapes pets that I had way back when come to haunt me. A couple years after my first guinea pigs ever died I had dreamt aht they could fly and were coming after me... I don't know why.
Then I had a dream like that book "_____and the Tunnel Tenants" where all my pets had gotten together just to talk about me, like an A.A. meeting or something, complete with cigarettes and coffee...
So last night I had a dream with Newt and Cooper (my only two hairless ratlet babies who I loved more than anything in the four years I had them....) in it. I was trying to go to a friends birthday party, but someone kept trying to beat up my rats and it turned into a gigantic adventure trying to keep them safe. Visually all I really remember was a really random tank of tropical fish which everyone in the dream watched during the down time, Cooper with a head wound bandage, Newt nuzzling against my neck like he used to and a car trip out to some out New Orleans style restuarant in the GTO from the Faculty.
It was super great even if someone was going after Newt and Cooper.

I miss my ratlets...
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emu with a wrench in the conserveratory [13 Sep 2003|09:24am]
i was convicted of stealing from my workplace, and had to pay either a $25,000 fine or go to jail for ten years. i have about 2 grand to my name, so jail it is. "jail" is a penal colony, a city full of prisoners, and we all have to work in the mine. i did it for a little bit and it was very, very, very hard work. i could hardly even lift the tools. but then my manager showed up, and had pity on me, and said i could work for her for ten years instead of working in the mine, but i still needed to live in jail.
ha, like that's better, i hate my job. but i took up her offer, obviously.
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[12 Sep 2003|06:54pm]

So last night I actually had a dream, one I actually remembered by and large for the most part, and it seemed rather fitting. Fitting in that, how my life is going right now, this could very likely happen to me, and soon, too. I was riding the rails, myself, this older guy who must have been in his late 20s, and a woman who was probably the same age that I was, who was dragging along her friend, another man probably about the same age. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, as at first we met outside a log cabin since we were all campers, or just in the general area.

I think campers have money though, and actual shelter like tents.

So we hooked up there, the older fellow was the experienced hobo amoung us, telling us how to tell which train was going where (something about it's colour), and how we should be very quiet when the train security people come by. Even if they open up the door he said, as long as we're quiet, they won't notice us. It was a hobo secret, that as long as we made no sound when they searched the area we were in, we wouldn't be found. He made sure to tell us this as we ventured up to railyard, or whatever you call them. "Just be quiet" he said over and over again.

"This one goes to georgia because it's got green on the wheels", "and this one goes to france, because it's white", those were really our only two options. So we decided to go to france on the train, and we hopped up into the train car, which was empty aside from some boxes and a few pillows. As we're travelling along, the train is going full speed, suddenly the elder hobo said to be quiet, since they're outside checking cars right now. "What did you say?" and that's when the security, going as fast as the train was, openned the door and found us. So the next thing I know we're outside along some wooded road, and I'm appologizing to the hobo and the other two who were with us (who never really say anything, but they're good company it seems). And all 4 of us walk along the side of the road side by side, and they all tell me it's alright, no hard feelings. And there really weren't any, so we walk along, and over the horizon we see a town, and everyone says "well, this is my stop" and heads off.

That was really it.
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[12 Sep 2003|07:18am]
i'd cut a big circular section out of my left palm. it was an inch deep, and was cut through the middle as well. so two circular sections. i stuck them back in my hand, then made it bleed on purpose so that it would scab over and stay in place. the next morning the cuts were all pink and healing.
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the incubus and the succubus [11 Sep 2003|03:58pm]

Okay, so I'm not completely sure what I dreamed last night, but I know there were leeches in them. It was a restless night and everytime I'd wake up and fall asleep again, whatever scene appeared there were leeches involved somehow.
I've never even seen a real leech...
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